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Communications Manager / Social Media Manager 

Relatively speaking, a lot of people don’t know about us.
You could say it’s a problem.
Or an opportunity?
If you think it’s the latter, then it might be YOU who we’re looking for.
The DUMBO Social Media Manager. We want to spread the DUMBO message far and wide. We want people to know who we are, what we do and why we’re here. We want to create an engaged community, where we can start conversations, exchange ideas, and add value. That’s where you come in!

What does being DUMBO’s Social Media Manager look like?

You would work at our office in the vibrant »Veedel« Ehrenfeld in Cologne, Germany. You would be responsible for all our social media efforts, helping us maintain and evolve our voice, talk about what we believe in, what we can do, and what makes us different.

Here are some of the skills that we’ll be looking for:

*By the way, if you feel like you might be lacking one or two of these skills, that’s okay! For us it’s more important that we find someone eager and excited to learn. We’re happy for you to grow into the role! 

You would be expected to bring forward ideas and strategies that will help us reach the right people at the right time. You’ll make sure that the DUMBO channels are always packed with goodies that create value, start conversations and build a sense of community.

  • Strategy minded. You’re excited about coming up with new ways that we can build our audience. We are a small team, so we’re looking for smart tactical moves that will ensure we make the most of our content.
  • Social media obsessed. You are following the trends, you spend time on social media platforms and you know the best practices.
  • Editorial development. You develop the editorial outline of our social media content. You break down our long form content into snackable and engaging social media snippets. You know how create a hook and write compelling captions in English and in German.
  • Process management. You coordinate the helping hands involved, in-house and external. You handle things to get posts live.
  • Community event management. You like to bring people together, whether they are our clients or people in our community. You are able to host meaningful gatherings that people are excited to be a part of.
  • PR Skills. You’re comfortable reaching out to relevant media outlets (mostly online) to get our articles featured in their publications.

Sounds like your next role? Here are a couple of qualities that we’ll be watching out for:

  • You’re always striving for more. You want to leave the old model behind and break new ground. You’re eager to keep learning, exploring and developing your skills.
  • You don’t overwhelm easy. You’re able to multi-task, move quickly and drop everything at a moments notice when priorities change.
  • You care about design and aesthetics. You are a creator with high demands regarding the look and the finishing of our content.
  • Übrigens. Wir sprechen Deutsch mit unseren Kunden und kommunizieren in Englisch.

Why work at Dumbo?

  • Flexibility. We are a small team which means that we are able to offer flexible hours. We have a start-up mindset, but that doesn’t mean that you’re always working. It’s important to us that our team takes time off to rest and spend time with their friends and family.
  • Career progression. Dumbo is always evolving and it’s important that our people are too! That means that sometimes we take a break from client work, take the team offsite and dive into a special passion project. This year we went to Croatia for a week with the whole team, the year before it was Austin Texas. It’s important that you have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive at Dumbo.
  • Flat hierarchies. Whether you’re just out of university or at the director level, you’ll always work side by side with the rest of the Dumbo team and our partners.
  • Socially responsible. At Dumbo, we believe in reducing our carbon footprint. We make sure that we keep our emissions as low as possible and encourage our team to do the same. We’ll even pay for your bike so you can get to and from the office in the most environmentally friendly way! 
  • A positive and collaborative company culture. We genuinely love what we do and we like to have fun while we do it. That means bringing in the right people who bring a positive attitude and a passion for their craft. We hire good people because we are good people. It’s very important to us that our company stays that way.

A little more about DUMBO:

DUMBO is a small digital studio based in Cologne, Germany, passionate about building products and services that users love. Even though we are a small team, our clients are big brands, global companies and industry leaders. Our work is put into interfaces that are used by millions every single day to get their jobs done. We love what we do and are excited about instilling positive change to the product design industry.

You would work as a part of our team of highly talented people. You would be one of us — an essential part of our team!

Alright, your turn! Are you excited about helping us at DUMBO build our brand and following? We want to hear from you!